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Cabin Fever Coffee Orders

The Mustard Seed Coffee Co. is launching their Mustard Seed Coffee online sales platform. Support The Mustard Seed from the safety of your home while getting a delicious coffee delivered to you. Order 2 bags or more and we will ship to you. Shipping within Victoria is free!

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Restoring Hope. Transforming Lives.

The Mustard Seed Coffee Co. aims to provide practical job training, community, and with long term growth, potential employment for those in need. This endeavor involves crafting quality, locally-roasted coffee.

2x1lbs bags = $25

5lb Whole Bean bag =  $50

5lb Ground bag = $55 

1 Case (10x1lbs bags) = $110



Our Coffee.

Our blend and roast are produced by Oughtred Coffee & Tea’s  and are exclusive to The Mustard Seed Coffee Co..  We bring you the most amazing value and consistent quality specialty coffees from their countries of origin.

Find Us At the following locations!

  • All Fairways locations
  • All Thrifty Foods locations (including Belmont and Central Saanich)
  • All Redbarn locations
  • Country Grocer Royal Oak
  • Country Grocer Esquimalt

Enjoy our Three Roasts!

Before Dawn – The Mustard Seed Coffee Co. Dark Roast

Earthy dark chocolate overtones with a hint of nuts and spices.  70% Colombia Finca Mattaredonda & 30% Sumatra Mutu Batak.  This blend, Reserva Del Patrao, is comprised of two of our most special partnerships located in Colombia and Sumatra. The Colombia Finca Mattaredonda is a Single Origin Farm that produces coffees of excellent quality. It is combined with a special trademark and processed coffee from Sumatra called Mutu Batak.

Restorative – The Mustard Seed Coffee Co. Medium Roast

Sweet notes of honey and caramel with a smooth finish.  Single Origin, Costa Rica Tarrazu.  This is a direct trade Costa Rica El Indio, trademark coffee produced in Costa Rica famous Tarrazu Region by our partners at La Minita. The coffee is grown and processed at the highest standards and conforms with all specialty grade designations.

Let There Be Light – The Mustard Seed Coffee Co. Decaffeinated

Creamy texture with a shade of toffee and milk chocolate.  40% SWP Colombia Jardin Excelso & 60% SWP Costa Rica La Magnolia.  This blend is comprised from two of our longest standing partners located in Colombia and Costa Rica. The Colombia Jardin Excelso is a trademark coffee produced in the northern province of Antioquia. It is combined with a very special trademark coffee from Costa Rica called La Magnolia prized for its delicate sweetness and floral flavors.

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