Fair Start for Kids

Did you know?

In Canada, it is estimated that the average family spends $400 on supplies and clothing to outfit their children heading back to the classroom. An added cost that not all families can afford.

The Mustard Seed’s Fair Start for Kids program works with families to ensure their child is set up for success in the classroom; receiving all the back-to-school essentials. 

This August, 700 deserving children (Kindergarten to Grade 12) will take home a Fair Start kit–providing school supplies and clothing for the start of classes. Each ‘back-to-school’ kits has an average cost of $50, depending on the child’s age.

Want to support your community? Invest in a child’s future by donating online today. 

The Mustard Seed will also be accepting NEW clothing, NEW shoes (especially for pre/teens), and NEW backpack donations at 625 Queens Ave. Please connect with us if you wish to donate school supplies. The Wishlist is a great place to start for ideas of what each student kit includes.

For those seeking a kit, please note that registration for 2018 is closed. However, limited emergency supplies will be available on a first-come first-serve basis. Call 250-953-1575 for more information.

How did Fair Start begin?

Linda Matthews and her late mother Vera Webb started the Fair Start Program in 1998, with an aim of ensuring children a fair start at their school year.  A partnership with The Mustard Seed was established to bridge the connection between this program and the families who will benefit from this support.

Since 1998, Fair Start for Kids has evolved, now serving hundreds of children in greater Victoria; giving them the confidence they need to start a new school year. The Mustard Seed is grateful for the generous support of Monk Office, who helps make this program possible.

Learn how you can become a corporate Sponsor as part of The Mustard Seed’s ‘Focus on Families’ Summer campaign. 

Email diane@mustardseed.ca to learn more about this or other programs offered to families in our community.