Fair Start for Kids

The Mustard Seed wants to set children up for success in the classroom! This means offering school supplies to families who need that extra support. (Kindergarten to Grade 12).

Learn how you can become a Sponsor to this pivotal ‘back to school’ campaign.

The average cost of each Fair Start kit is $50 per child.  In August 2018, we plan to distribute 700 kits!

The Mustard Seed, as a charitable organization is able to make funds go further. In Canada, it is estimated that the average family spends $100 on school supplies alone.

NEW clothing and shoes (for all ages) can also be dropped off at The Mustard Seed Queens Ave. Please connect with us if you wish to donate school supplies. Check out the Wishlist for ideas of what each student kit includes.

Linda Matthews and her late mother Vera Webb started the Fair Start Program in 1998, with an aim of ensuring children a fair start at their school year.  A partnership with The Mustard Seed was established to bridge the connection between this program and the families who will benefit from this support.

The families we serve know what it means to struggle to put a child through school. We believe that with quality education, numeracy and literacy are tools that can be used to set a child up for future success. Since 1998, Fair Start for Kids has evolved, now serving hundreds of children in greater Victoria; giving them the confidence they need to start a new school year. The Mustard Seed is grateful for the generous support of Monk Office, who helps make this program possible.