Street Church

Our Street Church meets every Sunday in the Mustard Seed sanctuary, led by Pastor Sean Lewis. All are welcome to join this vibrant, diverse community. Together, let’s try and figure out this life, its trials, and the role God plays in it. Come as you are! We also offer evening bible study on Wednesdays.

Services postponed until further notice

Please join  our congregation’s Facebook Group! We will be posting updates and some services while we go through the COVID-19 crisis together.

What do you picture when you hear the word church? Straight-laced faces? Pews? Sunday dresses? Well leave those ideas at the door because our Street Church is anything but traditional!

On any given Sunday you’ll find a diverse group of people getting together for coffee, singing, and a sermon. Think grassroots. Think Acts. Think community. Folks from all walks of life – homeless, Seed staff, working poor, families, middle-aged volunteers, or students – gather to talk about God, faith, and life. The sermons are animated. The community is inclusive. The stories are unforgettable.