About Food Security

The cost of living is high in Victoria, and many people for any number of reasons might find their monthly budget stretched to the point of breaking. After rent is covered, bills are paid, and transportation costs are scraped together, there isn’t enough money left over to cover basic food and personal needs.

That’s where we come in. The Mustard Seed Food Bank was established in 1983 as a response to increasing need in Victoria, and has expanded to become the largest food bank on Vancouver Island. Today, the Food Security ministry assists up to 5,000 individuals each month from many different walks of life and situations.

Each week we receive donations of food and funds from caring citizens, concerned companies, and generous food manufacturers. These consistent donations enable us to put food on our shelves for those in need. Every week our staff and volunteers are busy collecting, receiving, inspecting, sorting, and packaging these items into nutritious hampers for neighbours that need assistance.

In an effort to continue providing healthy, fresh food options and reduce food waste in Victoria, we have collaborated with The Victoria Foundation, The Rotary Club of Victoria, Thrifty Foods, and other social agencies in Victoria to establish the Food Share Network and Food Rescue Program. Collectively, we aim to divert imperfect but fresh and edible food from landfills to tables of Victorians in need, and broaden our reach to help as many individuals as possible.