Christmas Hampers

We know that the Christmas season can bring family and communities together. It can be a time of joy and love. It can also be a time of much stress however,

For families struggling to make ends meet, the added burden of providing Christmas dinner and presents can be very difficult. That is why every year, The Mustard Seed Street Church provides 1500 Christmas Hampers for families, singles, couples and multi-adult families. in the Greater Victoria area. We provide Christmas food hampers and gifts for children up to 17 years of age.

For anyone looking to get a Christmas Hamper, we are taking applications and will continue until November 30. 

If you are a current client of our Market/Food Bank, you may register in person during food bank hours 10-1:30 Monday-Friday (except holidays) or you may register by telephone by calling Guest Services at 250-953-1588.

If you have not used our services in the past few years, but need help this Christmas, please come register in person and we will assist you.

Please note that identification for everyone in your household is needed.

Once registered, you will be given information regarding pick up.

Interested in supporting this?

Christmas Hampers are supported through generous donations from our community. You can support us by giving however much you can so we can provide these hampers to our community. Each hamper costs around $147. Click here to donate.