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Food Security Distribution Centre

The Mustard Seed

Redistributes Fresh, Nutritious Foods

The Mustard Seed works with local retailers to redistribute fresh, nutritious foods through the Food Share Network. In the 22,000 sq foot warehouse, we rescue 10,000+ pounds of food per day that was destined for the landfill and distribute it safely to 70+ Food Share Network members. Our commercial kitchen allows us to turn many rescued foods into sauces, soups, stocks and smoothies while reducing waste output.

In partnership with the Food Share Network, we are progressively reducing both food insecurity and greenhouse gas emissions in the Greater Victoria area.



Agency Access to Food

Connect with the Food Share Network

Large Scale Donations

For company and large scale donations, please contact emily@mustardseed.ca or foodrescue@mustardseed.ca

Food Bank Donations

 For food bank donations, please click here


Click here to register as a volunteer

Information on large-scale donations

If you are donating a pallets worth of food, please contact
foodrescue@mustardseed.ca  or emily@mustardseed.ca for information. If you wish to receive a large scale pick up, please allow 72 hours notice as our trucks have busy schedules. Not all orders can be picked up.

Monthly Impact

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70+ Partner Organizations

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2.1 Million Pounds of Food Rescued

Thank you to our Grocery Partners and our Founding Partners

We also acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia


Country Grocer


Market on Yates

Quality Foods

Root Cellar

Save On Foods



Urban Grocer


Whole Foods