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You can’t raise awareness without making a racket! That’s why we want your feedback in every way, shape, and form.

Tell Your Friends

Send your friends a postcard online! Click here to send your friends a personalized e-card that either spreads the word or advocates about Hunger Awareness Week.

Join the Conversation Online

We encourage you to participate in #HAW2013 on Facebook and Twitter by joining the conversation online. Use these platforms to tell your friends about hunger in your neighbourhood, in your city, and your country.  Tweet to @foodbankscanada and @MustardSeedVic with the hashtag #haw2013 and tell us how you’re participating in Hunger Awareness Week. We’d love to hear from you.

Let @foodbankscanada know how you’re partnering with @MustardSeedVic to raise awareness.

Be an Advocate

Tell your office, your church, and your community that it’s Hunger Awareness Week! Collect non-perishable items and bring them into our Food Bank so we can keep fighting hunger in Victoria. Give a gift in honour of Hunger Awareness Week.