Hunger Awareness Week

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians use food banks because they do not have enough money to feed themselves or their families.

Children. Seniors. People who have jobs and still can’t make ends meet.

The Mustard Seed is partnering with Food Banks Canada to raise awareness about hunger in Victoria.

Too many Canadians do not have enough income to pay for rent, bills, clothing for growing children, transportation, medication – and food. Food is unfortunately one of the most flexible household expenses. And so, too often, nutrition suffers when money is tight.

Do you want to come alongside the 7,000 people that the Mustard Seed assists each month? Or the 900,000 Canadians who needed help putting food on the table last year? Together, we can speak up and speak out against hunger.

We’re dedicating May 6—10 to helping our neighbours in need.

You can partner with The Mustard Seed and Food Banks Canada to raise awareness and teach others about local hunger and food security.

 Whether hosting a food drive for Hunger Awareness Week or giving a gift to families in need, your partnership will fight hunger and restore faith to the whole person.

Please explore the links above to learn exactly how you can get involved this May.

Together, let’s make enough noise to make a difference.