What are the causes of hunger in Canada?

Hunger in Canada exists because deep and persistent poverty continues in the country. For more than a decade, diverse and interrelated factors have sustained this situation: a labour market that fails to provide enough jobs with stable, livable wages; a rise in precarious and non-standard employment; a fraying income security system that does not provide sufficient financial support for those in need; a lack of affordable, social housing; and a lack of accessible, affordable child care. People living in poverty cannot afford sufficient, nutritious food. Many turn to food banks to help them meet this most basic need. To learn more about food bank use in Canada, click here

There is hunger in Victoria.

7,000 people are assisted by The Mustard Seed every month. We’ve designed our programs and services to meet a variety of needs. Together, the Mustard Seed Food Bank, Hope Farm Healing Centre, Street Church,Outreach, Advocacy and Drop-in Centre bring hope to the whole person.

There is hunger in Victoria because…

Victoria is the third most expensive city to live in Canada, after Vancouver and Toronto. Whether you’re on social assistance, disability assistance, or just working hard and struggling to make ends meet, the cost of food in Victoria is significantly higher than many other Canadian cities.

There is hunger in Canada

In 2012, close to 900,000 people were assisted each month by a food bank in Canada. This is essentially unchanged from 2010, and remains 31% above levels experienced before the 2008-2009 recession.

There is hunger in Canada because…

Too many Canadians do not have enough income to pay for rent, bills, clothing for growing children, transportation, medication – and food. Food is unfortunately one of the most flexible household expenses, and it is often nutrition that suffers when money is tight.

Spread the Word about Hunger

Hunger in Canada is a significant issue.  Which is why it’s so critical to dedicate a week to talk about it and work together to make a change.  Hunger Awareness Week, May 6-10, 2013 is a week for communities and individuals across Canada to take action in reducing hunger.

Did you know?

Of the households served by local Food Banks:
13.7% receive employment income
6.1% receive employment insurance
61.2% receive basic social or disability-related assistance
23-24% are families with children

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