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  • Join us every Sunday at 1:15 pm, including Sunday School for youth
  • Drop in to our Bible Study every Wednesday from 7:00-9:00 pm
  • Drop in to our weekly Chapel service from 8:15-8:45 am

We offer a unique, vibrant church community to everyone. Come as you are; no dress code necessary!

On any given Sunday you’ll find a diverse group of people getting together for coffee, singing, and a sermon. Think grassroots. Think Acts. Think community. Folks from all walks of life – homeless, Seed staff, working poor, families, middle-aged volunteers, or students – gather to talk about God, faith, and life. The sermons are animated. The community is inclusive. The stories are unforgettable.

Our pastoral team brings with them a unique variety of skill sets, life experience and knowledge of The Gospel to our Street Church. Together, they work hard to walk alongside to heal, provide insight, and bring hope and faith to the community.


Sean Lewis, Church Pastor –

Pastor Sean Lewis’ ministry history has been mainly serving the homeless community. While doing street ministry Sean started a soup kitchen and an outdoor church for the homeless in Victoria that served to meet the physical, emotional and especially the spiritual needs of that community. In 2011 Sean studied counselling at Pacific Life Bible College in Surrey BC, attaining a diploma in Professional Counselling. Since this point Sean has been working towards attaining his master’s degree in Divinity while serving as Church Pastor at the Mustard Seed.

Pastor Sean’s passion in life is to be used by God as a servant to the afflicted soul, and to preach to the Church the empowering message of Jesus Christ.  It’s Sean’s heart that the Church in Victoria will be used to minister to people in need and operate in the power of Jesus Christ.

Chris Pollock

Rev. Chris Pollock, Outreach Pastor

Chris has been part of the Mustard Seed Street Church community for many years. He was the youth minister and has transitioned in to the role of Outreach Pastor. He feels a strong sense of service to the community that lives in the area around the Mustard Seed and warmly welcomes those who comes through the doors on Queens.. Chris recently graduated with his Masters of Divinity from Carey Theological College. He serves through Outreach and Sunday worship.

Along with our core ministries, the Mustard Seed Street Church offers a number of additional ministries to bring together the community, encourage healing, and connect the Church with the public. Click here to learn more about our four core ministries.

Prayer Team

The Mustard Seed Prayer Team currently consists of a group of ladies (women of faith in the Mustard Seed community) who meet regularly to pray for the Mustard Seed’s general needs.  The Lead Pastor currently oversees this ministry from a distance, sharing with the Prayer Team of specific concerns, issues and praises that they can together bring before God. The Prayer Team is: Shirley Carswell, Fran Kitson, Linda Murdock, Lynn Orr, Diane Riddell, and Barb Jones.

Ladies Ministry

Much of the care of the community of the church has historically fallen to the women’s ministry. This is true in most communities where women of faith: provide for, nurture, visit, encourage, prepare meals and much more. This is often done quietly behind the scenes but so significantly foundational to the church “success.”  The Mustard Seed ladies group gathers once per month, primarily for fellowship and community building around a spiritual theme. But their work is not limited to monthly meetings but rather is played out as needs arise in the church family to bring compassionate and practical support to whomever, wherever – as much as possible.


The bible tells us to visit those in prison (Matthew 25:36). Since the early 1990’s, the Mustard Seed has been faithful to this calling and has provided visitation to those in prison. This extends both to the federal and provincial institutions in Greater Victoria. Primarily, the visitation is to bring a sense of hope and belonging to those that often have been abandoned and in many cases forgotten. The support also extends beyond the prison walls to those who have been released to provide guidance as they re-enter society.

Street Café

Street Café operates in partnership with Lambrick Park Church.  The Meal Teams, Music Teams and Serving Teams are coordinated by Lambrick Park’s Street Café leadership.  Drop-In begins at 5pm on Friday night and the meal starts at 7pm.  The meal is a selection of carefully prepared healthful food offerings from a small menu and served lovingly by wait staff volunteers. The drop-in centre setting is transformed into an intimate café to provide a special meal experience. A host/hostess provides on-site reservations to ensure all guests are carefully cared for and attended to.

Family Dinner

Family Dinner is for families of the Mustard Seed community only.  On two Sunday each month (usually the 2nd and 3rd Sundays) from 5pm to 7pm the Family Dinner is in operation.  Families from the Mustard Seed community, particularly those that come through the Family Centre are provided this special night of care and attention for Moms, Dads and their children. This is another way of providing support in a safe environment especially geared toward children and families.

Bible School Service Groups

Capernwray Bible College and Auxano Discipleship School from Camp Imadene are involved with the Mustard Seed Street Church ministry on numerous occasions over the course of the school year by way of helping in the Food Bank, street evangelism, church ministry and more.  Currently, the Outreach Pastor and the Outreach Worker coordinate to host these teams.  It should be noted that Auxano joins with the Mustard Seed ministry once/year over the course of one week while Capernwray serves with the Mustard Seed once/month (from October to April) over the course of a weekend.

Become a Member

The Mustard Seed is a Baptist church associated with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC).

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The Mustard Seed Prayer Team

We at the Mustard Seed Street Church have a prayer team and confidential ministry for those who would like prayer.

Our small prayer team lifts prayers to our Great God who loves you  and cares for you and for each detail of your life.

Prayer is also available daily at the Mustard Seed Street Church with Ministry Staff.

Email our prayer team today:


Go in peace and may God grant you what you have asked of Him. (1Sam 1:17)