Why We’re Here

The prayer stool that became a Church

In 1975 the vision was launched, the foundation was laid, the Seed was planted and that Seed became the Mustard Seed Street Outreach, which in 1980 became the Mustard Seed Street Church. Reverend Gipp Forster looked out from his downtown business and realized that the need was great on the streets of Victoria and he wanted to do something about it. As founder, his original purpose was to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those on the street in a way that they might understand. His desire was to bring the church to the people and not just the people to the church. And from that moment the church arose, beginning in the prayer closet of a pawn shop and growing into a church that now touches over 5000 individual lives a month in the core of our city.

The Mustard Seed Street Church with its humble beginnings has remained so, a gathering place for all. You won’t find wooden pews or an ornately adorned choir (except on special occasions), but you will find a diverse group of people gathering for worship, teaching of the Word of God and prayer around a cup of coffee and our famous day-old pastries. Think community, people from all walks of life, the homeless, the working poor, pensioners and middle-aged volunteers. Think grassroots, people from the street, students, Seed staff and those seeking a place to belong. That’s who we are.

A Living, Local Ministry

The church is most often described in the New Testament as a group of people gathered together – called by God – professing trust in Jesus Christ.  Its purpose is broad but foundationally it is to worship Him, witness about Him in fellowship with one another, and to grow and be nurtured. The early church described in the book of Acts 2:42-47, is one that devoted themselves to the Word of God, to fellowship (meeting together), breaking of bread and to prayer; a high calling for sure, but one to be lived out every day as a faithful commitment to the Shepherd.

We believe that the spiritual, relational, and emotional needs that exist in all of us, can be met in a community of faith founded in Christ. We live this out seven days per week with open doors and compassionate hearts beyond the gathering on Sunday, as a serving church, patterned after the example of our Lord (Matthew 20:28; Mark 10:45; John 13:1-17). We believe serving is perhaps the greatest witness of Christ. Out of the life of the church, witness to and care for the community is provided through the practical; food, counsel, prison visitation, meals, street ministry, health/hair care, addiction support and family support.

Our congregation meets every Sunday at 1:15pm to praise and worship together. Bible study is every Wednesday evening from 7pm – 9pm. All are welcome to both! Please come check it out, but above all: come as you are.

The Mustard Seed is a Baptist church associated with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC).