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Your personal data is always secure and confidential while browsing this site.
When you donate using our online donation system, your data is encrypted and transferred over a secure network using industry-standard security technology.
We never sell or lend your personal data to anybody. Only trained Mustard Seed professionals handle your personal information. It’s safe with us.

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We have utmost respect for the privacy and confidentiality of those who use our services. All guests or clients featured in The Mustard Seed’s photos, stories or other materials have given their express permission through a signed release for us to share their likeness and story.

Social Media Disclosure
The Mustard Seed Street Church uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn to communicate with the general public about our ministry/ministries, services offered, acknowledgement of supporters and sponsors, and sharing news relevant to our Church. We maintain a neutral stance, refraining from stating personal information or opinions, making judgements and engaging in politically related conversation. We will respect the privacy of our community, staff, and volunteers by not posting or sharing last names, posting photos, videos, or tagging individuals specific individuals without consent.

We have a no-tolerance policy for conduct on our feed that is contrary to our vision, mission and values and this disclaimer. Inappropriate conduct will be flagged, banned and/or removed as we see fit.

Financial Accountability

Audited Financial Statements for 5 Years {This section is pending approval}