Street Church

What do you picture when you hear the word church? Straight-laced faces? Pews? Sunday dresses? Well leave those ideas at the door because our Street Church is anything but traditional!

On any given Sunday you’ll find a diverse group of people getting together for coffee, singing, and a sermon. Think grassroots. Think Acts. Think community. Folks from all walks of life – homeless, Seed staff, working poor, families, middle-aged volunteers, or students – gather to talk about God, faith, and life. The sermons are animated. The community is inclusive. The stories are unforgettable.

We welcome all newcomers. We are a caring community that offers aid to the whole person – no matter where you’re at. We believe in meeting the spiritual, relational, and emotional needs in that exist in all of us.

Our congregation meets every Sunday at 1:15pm to praise and worship together.  We have a bible study every Wednesday evening from 7pm – 9pm. All are welcome to both! Please come check it out, but above all: come as you are.