The Wellness Centre

About The Wellness Centre

Access to Showers & Laundry

A First Step Toward Dignity & Hope

In 2023, the Point in Time Homeless report identified 1665 individuals, with almost two-thirds being chronically homeless and 242 completely unsheltered. Visualize a day in the life of someone without access to showers or laundry facilities. In response, The Mustard Seed will establish a Wellness Centre to address this persistent issue.

The Mustard Seed Wellness Centre is a transformative initiative committed to creating a comprehensive and dignified facility that meets the immediate hygiene and wellness needs of the underserved in our community, thereby significantly improving the lives of thousands of individuals. By offering showers, laundry facilities, a cloth boutique, and a personal care room for services such as haircuts, foot care, first aid, and one-on-one support – we give more than a hand – we give them hope.

Once built, the facility will operate six days per week and will provide community members with necessary supplies like shampoo, soap and towels. They estimate the Wellness Centre will support up to 10 people with laundry access per day, and approximately 20 will have access to showers. That’s over 3000 people with clean laundry access and over 6000 showers in a year.


Cleanliness is an important aspect of personal wellness. Two accessible showers will be available to our clients to help them maintain their hygiene and sense of dignity. The provision of laundry facilities will allow individuals to access clean clothing so that they can present themselves with pride and personal hygiene.

The clothing boutique will provide individuals with access to a selection of clothing, fostering a sense of personal style and allowing them to choose attire that best suits their needs and preferences.

The personal care room will provide a range of services, including haircuts, foot care, first aid, and one-on-one support. These services go beyond the physical to address emotional and psychological well-being by providing a safe and supportive environment where individuals can discuss their concerns, seek emotional support, and receive one-on-one assistance.