The Mustard Seed Pie-Off Challenge

It’s Fall, and it’s time for pie!

Last year’s #YYJPieOff challenge was a huge hit with $42,000 and 40,000lbs of food raised – we’re excited to get the pies flying again.

Step 1 – Accept the Challenge

Post a short video on your Facebook or Twitter accepting the challenge. Get one of your staff, a friend, family member, or competitor to finish it off by giving you a pie in the face!

Check out last year’s videos for inspiration

Step 2 – Start the Challenge

Make a donation via our donation page, or collect from the people you know and bring the food/funds.

This is where you can get creative: last year City Council member Charlayne Thornton-Joe took a pie in the face everyday for one month for $20!

Step 3 – Deliver the Bounty

Bring your collected food and funds on down to The Mustard Seed during The Big Weigh-In!

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